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TARFEEH Academy, Mission is to help our students to become champions in life by building confidence, discipline, and perseverance. We teach that with a “Yes, I can!” attitude and hard work anything can be achieved. Your child will be in good hands. Our instructors have years of experience teaching and working friendly with children.



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Tarfeeh Table Tennis Club works with people of all ages, especially young people, to improve health, celebrate diversity and build a strong community.

We run sessions for Kids of all ages with separate section.

There are many benefits of learning Table Tennis :-

  • Expands Mental Sharpness. Players use mental thought and vision to judge the speed and spin of the ball.

  • Stimulates Sections of the Brain. 

  • Sharpens the Brain. 

  • Improves Balance. 

  • Stimulates Mental Alertness. 

  • Table Tennis is Gentle on Bone Joints. 

  • Improves Hand-Eye Coordination.


Tarfeeh Academy is dedicated to providing the best of traditional karate, delivered using the most up to date and effective training methods. Our Professional instructors have years of experience, and strive to provide a learning environment that is disciplined, safe and fun.

There are many benefits of karate training including :-

  • Improving fitness.

  • Developing self confidence.

  • Learning effective self defense techniques.

  • Promoting discipline.

  • Making new friends.

  • Having fun!

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